December 5, 2023
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Winter Park Community Center
In Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving WWPN!

Our apologies for the gap in meetings.  We’ve been busy behind the scenes and look forward to sharing the progress and future plans over our first Holiday Potluck!  As mentioned previously, our Holiday Potluck will be held on December 5th at the usual meeting place in the community center so please mark your calendars. There will be finger foods and beverages provided by WWPN and your dishes will make it that much more special.
The agenda will include:
  • Sneak peak of the WWPN website.
  • Information about the Micro-Entrepreneur Training Program in partnership with CMET and Rollins College, Crummer School of Business. (Launching Q1 2024.)
  • Share the list of Sub-Committees and proposed Committee Leaders. (We can discuss the various committees and anyone should self-nominate or make suggestions for Member involvement.)
  • Vote to pass the finalized Bylaws.